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Les Mis vs Phantom!!


If you didn’t know this coming Sunday, August 3rd, is the 3rd annual Les Mis vs Phantom charity football match!!

Tickets are still on sale and you’ll even be able to buy some on the day - it’s at Bromley FC with fun starting at 1pm and the match starting at 3pm! There’ll be cool things like stalls and a bouncy castle, as well as the cast members from both London casts of Phantom and Les Mis, AND guest celebs! We’ll even get a few performances from Carrie Hope Fletcher, Geronimo Raunch and The Voice’s Liam Tamne!

All details can be found on

If you aren’t able to go I still really hope you’ll try to donate. Each of the boys who are playing this year have £100 targets to reach for Sunday - and they need your help!!! Some have already hit that (like Niall Sheehy who may or may not have had a £135.03 donation from a certain Killian Donnelly) but others haven’t! Any little will help and go a long way - especially when it’s such a worthy cause!

Donate at and be sure to leave a team member’s name with your donation so they know whose target to add it to!!

They’re only at 49% of their goal of £5000. Please help out, and show your support for Team Les Mis!!! Thank you!!

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